Bring Your Voice to Life!

Every audience and every person is 100% unique. There is nothing robotic, sterile or empty about a human being. We are dynamic, evolving entities that want nothing more than to be heard and listened to. For this reason, each and every training and coaching session is tailored specifically to your needs.

Whether you’re giving a Nobel Prize acceptance speech, or desiring a more effective way of communicating with your staff, our sessions are specifically customized for you!

Storytelling  We adore fantastic stories! We love a book that sucks us into each and every page; a movie that keeps us at the edge of our seat; or even a friend’s tall tale after one too many shots of whisky. Unfortunately, many of us lack the ability to tell our own story. Maybe we feel embarrassed, shy or uncomfortable, believing that someone’s else’s story is more impressive than our own. The irony is, only you can tell your story from a place of passion. We’ll help you bring your story, your dreams, your skills and your ideals to life! Whether you’re interviewing for a job, or crafting an “about page”, you will confidently share powerful stories that reflect the real you.

Speaking and Presenting It’s one thing to craft a story, it’s another to present it to the world. Often, we feel exposed and vulnerable, as if our lives are dependent on this very moment. If we fail, if we’re not perfect, we’ll never be able to show our faces in light of day again. Both are false. We can help you overcome your insecurities, your inhibitions, your fear of failure. You’ll learn how to prep, structure and deliver an inspirational speech; control your nerves, read an audience and work with your nonverbal communication to leave them speechless.

Group Dynamic and Empathetic Communication Often when we’re part of a team, we fall prey to group dynamics, thinking our individual thoughts, feelings, gestures and opinions don’t make a difference. They do! The tone in which we deliver our opinions, the words we use, and our overall body language directly impacts group dynamics! You’ll learn the essential tools to manage both your verbal and nonverbal skills to foster a creative, safe and dynamic environment. Whether in a meeting with your boss, or brainstorming the next world renown mobile app, you’ll feel skilled and empowered to work inside a group.

Leadership and International Communication Every culture has a unique story. Every culture is weighted down by its textured past. Your experience is no different. We’ll help expose the cultural baggage that weighs heavy upon your shoulders – a veil of assumptions, misconceptions, falsehoods and fears. With solid, actionable tools, you’ll be able to identify the thoughts and feelings that keep you from accomplishing your goals, while creating a nurturing community to keep you in balance.