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Pick up any tech or travel magazine and Portugal consistently ranks as one of the most exciting and dynamic countries in Europe. From its ample pool of talent to its diverse and stunning landscape, Portugal has rightfully garnered international attention. But with an increase in investment comes an increase in competition, and the only way to compete is by effectively communicating Portuguese products and talent to the world – a skill that’s sorely lacking.

“There is no dictatorship, there’s freedom, but we act as if we are still prisoners inside. The behaviour of the days of the dictatorship exists today”

Portugal Today: The Fear of Being by Jose Gil

Portuguese should be able to sell themselves effectively, communicate clearly and feel empowered to walk into any situation, or give any presentation, with confidence. They deserve communication skills that go beyond their cultural bubble, practical tools that can be applied to any aspect of their lives. Now is the time to open that door, to give them the solid base they require to build whatever scaffolding they crave.

Effective communication is not a luxury, it’s a life skill.